Ceramic Pro Modesto’s owner and operator Robert has been working in detail shops since the age of 12. A native of Modesto, he spent long days in his Dad’s shop growing up.During this time he gained a passion for automobiles and the automotive detail process. Robert and his brother began honing their familiarity with cars and started to perform details and tint film applications to vehicles. Once they reached high school, they turned their passion into a business and started to tint client’s cars. Fast forward a few years and Robert and his brother were operating four detail shops in the Modesto area. The recession occurred and they were forced to sell their businesses and worked in different detailing shops from the Bay Area to Texas.

During this time the two worked in high end auto detailing shops where they gained tons of experience, techniques and found different perspectives and approaches to detailing. They returned to Modesto in the early 2010’s and opened up Quality Auto Glass. Over the course of the decade the company has grown to include paint protection film, Ceramic Pro and marine details and coatings. Their passion for cars is exemplified by their craftsmanship and large 6,000 square foot warehouse. Ceramic Pro Modesto works closely with several of the high-end dealerships in the area and has protected and detailed countless vehicles in the community. The Shop is located in the heart of dealership country and located right off McHenry Avenue.

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500 Glass Lane #C-3 D-4/ Modesto CA/ 95356

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