Clear Bra Full Vehicle

Ultimate Paint Protection Package

3M Paint Protection in Modesto

For top of the line clear bra, look no further than 3M paint protection film. When applied to the entirety of the car, this package provides the highest level of paint protection. Catered to the owner who takes his paint protection seriously, the full car package protects every inch of your vehicle.

If you love your car and are adamant about protecting your vehicle with the strongest paint protection on the market then this is the package for you! Our shop protects the front bumper, head lights, full hood, side mirrors, side door panels, rear luggage area and bumpers with 3M paint protection. We use our custom plotter to perfectly match the exact dimensions of your vehicle with the film to form a seamless, flush fit on your exterior. For a free quote for your car, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Entire Car
  • Protection from Rock Chips, Road Salt and Dirt.
  • Self-Healing Clear Coat
The best way to protect your investment!
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