Auto Detailing Clay & Polish

Detailing Clay & Polish

Auto Detail Modesto

Ceramic Pro in Modesto offers the auto detail Salida and the Central Valley need to keep their investments protected. The Clay and Polish Package is a deep clean of the vehicle’s exterior surface and involves a clay bar process to detail the vehicle. This highly specialized clay resin is composed of a specially engineered extract and carefully removes contaminants from the paint’s surface.   Once applied, the clay removes stubborn environmental contaminants including rail and brake dust , acid rain and additional environmental contaminants that can not be removed by traditional washing. The clay bar works by grabbing these external substances and projecting them off the paint’s surface. Clay bar treatment is an excellent way to repair damage caused by environmental fallout.

The polish component of this package occurs after the decontamination process is finished. Polishing involves a series of techniques that remove imperfections below the surface of the paint. This process also significantly increases the gloss of the existing paint and preps the paint for additional paint protection services like Ceramic Pro and clear bra. Polishing is a great tool in removing scratches, swirls, water spots, rock chips, swirling, marring and insect acids.

Included in Package

  • Eco-friendly car wash
  • Clay Bar
  • Vehicle Polish
auto detail modesto on black bmw
The best way to protect your investment!
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